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You are not a lottery ticket!

Peter Thiel’s book “Zero to One” was originally published in 2014 well before anyone had heard of COVID and considers various aspects of entrepreneurship.


I wonder what new chapters might be added if the book was published now? 


In the chapter “You are not a lottery ticket” the books poses the question “Can you control your future?”. Recent experience of COVID could quickly lead you to respond with a resounding “no” with many business owners (and their employees) suffering significant levels of adversity through absolutely no fault of their own. 


So does this mean there is no point in planning and we should accept a fate where we are forced to respond to a series of random future events 


The chapter identifies four different views of the world: 

Indefinite Pessimism  Looking out to a bleak future with no idea what to do about it  
Definite Pessimism  Anticipating a bleak future and preparing to deal with it 
Indefinite Optimism  Anticipating a better future will evolve but with little by way of specific plan 
Definite Optimism 
Planning and working to build a better future 

I’ve found myself holding all four of these views over the last 12 months but I sense that "most entrepreneurs are optimists at heart" if not they would never get started! 


Of course it can never be the case that any of us can control the future and we would be foolish to think otherwise. However, we do have the power of choice. We can choose whether to have a  plan which we fight to implement or simply leave our businesses open to the “tyranny” of chance with no plan. 


Finding the energy to develop a plan for the future when you’re just trying to keep your head above water takes quite an effort, but aThiel sayswhy should you expect your business to succeed without a plan to make it happen? 


This seems to me just as relevant today as it has been at any time. 

“We have used Ashton Allsop as initially as our accountants and now effectively as our FD for almost two years now. During this time we have seen a significant step up in our systems, ReceiptBank and Xero for example and now have a much improved grip on the business financials - all delivered in a friendly and cost effective way. We consider Ashton Allsop to be an essential partner in our business.”

Clark Benefit Consulting Limited

Martin’s advice, input and ability to interpret and report data on our fledgling ecommerce business was highly useful enabling us to take further growth steps confident that we were doing so on a sound commercially beneficial basis


Peter Graham, Managing Director of Assured Products Ltd

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You are not a lottery ticket!

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