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Cloud Accounting: What’s the problem?

The use of cloud based accounting software is increasingly common and offers solutions which help to address some of the daily challenges faced by all of us including:


Lack of Time: As the saying goes: “Are you working on your business or in your business?” How much time are you spending just keeping up with the paperwork? Access valuable time savings, for example, through using automated bank feeds to quickly code and post items on to your books.

Well Informed Decisions: Well informed decisions require access to good data. Good data depends on quality and timeliness. Cloud based systems enable you to work in real time, in collaboration with others, with up to the minute information to proactively manage and take decisions about critical aspects of your business.


Working Capital Management: Cash is King! Proactive and careful management of your business’s working capital is essential. Do you have clear line of sight over your debtor payment profile? What about your creditor days? Are you able to easily track your business inventory or do you rely on a separate and increasingly complicated set of spreadsheets?


Managing costs: Work more efficiently in an integrated system by adopting end to end processes for sales and purchasing cycles. Keep on top of costs by making your bookkeeping arrangements more efficient and address issues in real time rather than storing them up until the year end.

Compliance: Good compliance isn’t optional and can be increasingly challenging. There’s real value in being knowingly compliant and a reliable and integrated system can help take some of the weight off by being confident in your data and providing a strong audit trail including easier access to stored documents.


At Ashton Allsop we have chosen to partner with Xero. We also use Xero in our practice. We think that the functionality is terrific (with regular enhancements) and everything we hear tells us it’s both easy and enjoyable for our clients to use. There’s also a growing range of “add ons” which create value by enabling businesses to build a bespoke and flexible system to deliver solutions which address their specific needs. This gives access to functionality which until now may have been prohibited by cost concerns and available only to larger businesses.


If you would like to find out more please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can also arrange a free trial so you can find out for yourself. There’s no obligation and you won’t be on your own as we would be very happy to guide you and answer any questions you may have.


So what’s your problem?

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