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Developing new markets through expanding overseas can be a key part of your business growth strategy and a significant milestone in your plans.

Expanding overseas can be both exciting and challenging in equal measure. It can also be a significant drain on management time. At Ashton Allsop, we have extensive hands on experience of doing business outside of the UK. We can be your support and guide, not least as you navigate your way through an increasingly complex international tax environment, saving you both time and money.

Overseas expansion can take on a number of different forms ranging from simply doing business with another country to establishing a more permanent presence and actually doing business in another country, including:


  • Exporting your firm’s products or providing services to an overseas customer.

  • Distance selling, for example via the internet.

  • Working with an overseas agent or distributor

  • Setting up an overseas representative office

  • Establishing an overseas branch or new subsidiary.

  • Partnering with another overseas investor, for example forming a joint venture.

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Whether you are already doing business overseas, investing into the UK from overseas or thinking of taking your first tentative steps, we would be delighted to be your guide. Please contact Paul Allsop if you would like to discuss how we can help you.

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Whatever your intentions, Ashton Allsop can help with the following:

Accountants Surrey

PLAN Develop your plans for overseas expansion, analysing the options and addressing key areas of risk such as transfer pricing

Overseas Tax Advisers

ACT  Implement your plans, including working with overseas advisors where needed, and assist with finding solutions to day to day problems


MANAGE Monitor the performance of your overseas business and manage the repatriation of funds back to the UK

Surrey Accountants Compliance

COMPLY Ensure arrangements are in place so your business complies with overseas tax and other statutory requirements

International Accountants

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